The Japanese puzzle boxes, one type of handmade wooden Puzzle box within our reaches are particularly highly collectible. All have extraordinary detail and display a beautiful art form that challenge you to solve the equation of opening the puzzle box. Each puzzle box ordered will be carefully packaged to make sure that your puzzle box arrives to you safely.


Our 100% Family Owned and Operated Store pledges to continually search out to provide you with a widest selection of Puzzle Boxes that will make it was for you to start or add to your collection.


The traditional Japaneses puzzle box can be relatively simple to very challenging and almost impossible to open unless you follow the exact step by step procedure designed specifically for the particular box. Original instructions are included with all of our Japanese puzzle boxes, secret boxes, and trick boxes. Often these instructions or diagrams are in Japanese, but they are illustrated and easy to follow.


To solve a Japanese puzzle box, one or more sliding parts in one end are moved, allowing the other end to be moved slightly. This partially unlocks a side panel, which allows other pieces to be moved. These, in turn, partially unlocks the top or bottom. This method is continues, moving around the box, until the top panel can slide, opening the box. Some of the more expensive boxes may allow both top and bottom panels to open, or have other secret compartments or drawers within. Interestingly, Japanese Puzzle Boxes have no lock and seemingly no opening. However, each box crafted includes very tricky mechanisms.


Most Japanese personal secret boxes have a variety of difficulties, ranging from 4 to 66 moves. A few large puzzle boxes have exceptional numbers of moves, such as 78, 122, 119, or 125.