About Puzzle Box World


Mary and Mike Welcome you to our Family Website

Here is how it all began!

Our family began collecting hard to find items in 2001.  Remembering items in my childhood, I searched for Japanese Puzzle Boxes, but they were very hard to find.  We discovered that many more countries also produced Secret Boxes which were also quite intriguing.
As our collection and passion grew and we began running out of space and out of necessity we began to exchange, gift and trade puzzles for other pieces.  It became a very time consuming but fun pastime.  As availability grew, we decided to start a small family business.  
We continue to remain 100% family owned and operated and seek out new crafters from all over the world to showcase on our website.  Please contact us if a new crafter or work comes to your attention as we love sharing clever puzzles with our dedicated followers.
Take some time to look around our information and product pages where we will continue to strive to find the most unique and beautiful Puzzle Boxes From Around The World!!