Yoshio Okiyama was born in Hakone, Japan in 1924. He began apprenticing with his father (Yoshitaro Okiyama) at the early age of twelve and grew to be a third generation Master Craftsman of the Himitsu Bako.


Mr. Yoshio Okiyama crafting a Koyosegi Puzzle Box

He was credited with developing the 27, 54 and 66 step move puzzle box and won a variety of awards for his secret puzzle boxes. In 1994 he received commendations by the Association of Traditional Crafts Development of Industry in Japan. After becoming ill in 2000, he was unable to continue his craft and passed away in 2003, never having an apprentice.

Many of his boxes available among collectors today have increased over 500% in value as they are highly sought after and very collectible.  In late 1999, Mr. Okiyama was known to stamp his signature hanko inside many of his boxes, further distinguishing his work from others.

To learn more about Yoshio Okiyama and the history of Himitsu Bako  email us about obtaining a copy of A Collection of Works by Secret Box Master Craftsman Yoshio Okiyama.