Mr. Oka is one of our featured craftsman of the Japanese Puzzle Box offered on our web site.

This information was offered to us directly from the Mr. Oka. 


Hiroyuki Oka, a young crafter was born October 23, 1970 in Odawara-City. Studying to be a guitar crafter at the Tokyu (ESP) Guitar Craft Academy, Hiroyuki also attended and graduated from Musashino Junior College. At age 22, he worked for a Hakone Zaiku company and decided to try his hand at crafting Yosegi. He began to craft Himitsu Bako and constructed his first 5 Sun 10 Step Puzzle Box. Focusing on Tsuyuki woodworking, he founded his own studio in 2003 later to move his shop to Odawara City in April of 2008 overlooking the historic Mount Fuji.
Because Oka-san operates such a small shop with very few workers, you can be assured that Hiroyuki oversees every aspect of his craft. He has been crafting Hakone Yosegi Zaiku for the past 15+ years.
Anyone familiar with his work knows that he mainly works with Natural Woods and traditional Yosegi patternry but is also quite talented in constructing Trick Boxes. Many examples such as his "Secret Star," "A Slight Drawer," "Chip Box" and "Hexagon" Box to name a few are quite inspirational and beautiful. Examples can be found on our website at www.PuzzleBoxWorld.Com under the Trick Box tab.
Because of our wonderful relationship with Mr. Oka, Hiroyuki agreed to HAND SIGN a number of his pieces in addition to stamping his "hanko" on his boxes. If you would like a HAND SIGNED work, please click onto our Limited Edition Japanese Puzzle Box Page. 



Two Examples of Hiroyuki Oka's Hanko.