The Slammed Car Puzzle Box by Junichi (Juno) Yananose

The Slammed Car Puzzle Box by Junichi (Juno) Yananose

This is my very FIRST puzzle box designed by Junichi Yananose, a wonderful crafter residing in Queensland, Australia.  Although a little bit spendy, I am a sucker for sequential discovery puzzles where small tools and gimmicks can be found along the way of finding a hidden space(s).  The other aspect that I found appealing is that this trick box takes on the form of a car as I am not only a puzzler but a car enthusiast.


Okay...let's get down to it.  This work is requires quite a few steps (15-20 as explained by the crafter) to open and it is best to set it on the floor or soft cloth when manipulating the steps.  The wheels DO move freely so don't let the car drive away without you.

The appearance of the puzzle to me is striking.  The natural wood colors contrast nicely and the accents on the headlight and side mirrors makes the car look more alive.  As you  can see, the Slammed Car also has some amount of definition and detail, showcasing windows, door handles and grill, though the bottom is flat..

As you progress through the opening sequences, the hidden objects that are discovered are items you would expect to find in repairing a car, which makes this trick box even more enjoyable.  If you are able to solve the puzzle, the crafter explains there is a "hidden loaf of bread" held inside.

The Slammed Car Puzzle Box weighs one pound and approximately measures a little bit over 7 inches in length.  I held off on purchasing the Slammed Car initiatively but after it won the Jury Grand Prize at the 2019 Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition held in Japan, I figured it would be a must for my collection. 


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