The "Side Swiper" Puzzle Box by Ryan Hughbanks

The "Side Swiper" Puzzle Box by Ryan Hughbanks

The "Side Swiper" Puzzle Box by Ryan Hughbanks

Looking for a challenging Puzzle Box with MULTIPLE hidden spaces, secured tools, magical keys, secret drawers and much more??

Enter Ryan Hughbanks….a new crafter from America’s Heartland. A Nebraskan farmer by day and  woodworker by night, he has released his first creation for purchase aptly named the “Side Swiper” Puzzle.  


This puzzle can be regarded as more of a trick “chest” as it measures an impressive 10.5 x 7.5 x 6.5 inches and is very heavily constructed.  Crafted in Maple, Walnut, Cherry, Oak, Purpleheart, Alder, Poplar and Padauk this work is an absolute showpiece.

Ryan presents clues along the way that are right in your face, but will you be able to pick up on the hints?  Though not obvious, once you are able to translate Ryan’s thought process, everything seems to make sense. After each code is cracked you will move to all sides of the puzzle to work with drawers, keyholes and latches that are prominently displayed. As you move from task to task, a tool may be presented along the way. This will assist in the solution, but each utensil will only be helpful if it is used correctly and manipulated to get to each progressive stage.  In all, SEVEN hidden spaces will be unveiled.

If you are talented or lucky enough to solve the Side Swiper Puzzle Box, a trademarked wooden tile is found.

Finished…not quite.  To reset the puzzle box is also engaging and patience and perseverance is required.

Now….are you up to the challenge?


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