The Booty Box by Andrew Parr

The Booty Box by Andrew Parr

The Booty Box by Andrew Parr! Andrew's boxes are first designed in CAD and then are assembled personally to bring them to life! 

Andrew Parr is a respected name in the puzzle world. He has written dozens of puzzles series for escape room companies worldwide. In addition to co-authoring several puzzle books, he is a regular contributor to Games World of Puzzles magazine. He is also a Lego enthusiast and has been creating devious puzzle boxes for years. His work has been seen in various magazines and newspapers, and he has been interviewed on podcasts and Canada's national radio and television networks. 

Andrew Parr's boxes are made from legos, offering a unique spin on the classic puzzle boxes. The Booty Box is his seventh commercial puzzle box. 

The objective is to find three items that pirates need to find treasure. Once you've done that, the challenge is to unlock the chest and reveal the concealed booty. 
With a difficulty of 7/10, there are 4 steps to getting the treasure from this box.
Exterior dimensions are 5" x 3.5" x 4" and interior dimensions are 1"x1"x1.5".

Keep scrolling for a cross section of the box! (SPOILER)









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