The Blinded II Puzzle Box by Dee Dixon

The Blinded II Puzzle Box by Dee Dixon

Our family at is constantly scouring the world for talented puzzle artisans to showcase.  Who would have thought we would find a crafter with incredible abilities right in front of our nose.  Dee Dixon is such a creator and checks all the boxes we are looking for. 

Dee was a full time trucking supervisor for an excavation company, who recently hung it up to pursue his dream.  Residing from a town nicknamed  “The City of Trees”, Boise, Idaho, inhabited by early 19th-century French Canadian trappers, Dee stays busy by thinking up puzzles with sequences and unique internal mechanisms. As a relatively new crafter, his following has grown enormously and quickly.


Full disclosure, I missed out on some of his early releases and started kicking myself on how this was possible.  Luckily, I am avid follower of Steve Canfields, “Boxes and Booze” blog, and picked up on the release of some of Dee Dixons latest puzzles.  Steve seems to have a knack for finding and promoting talented crafters and Dee is no exception.

Recently, we were fortunate to acquire Dee’s Blinded II Puzzle Box, When released, the puzzle sold out very quickly as it is a sequential discovery puzzle, my personal favorite style.  Constructed in Sapele, Zebrawood and Maple, colors are nicely contrasted with angled spline keys to reinforce the miter joints.

This particular puzzle can be challenging to solve.  The puzzle has a peculiar tiny block affixed to the lid which seems to be out place and can be removed.  Could this be a tool required for the mechanism?  Shake the puzzle and there is a rattle which brings the owner to realize there is going to be more to the puzzle than simple slide or spin style..  Still working on the solution,, I have found that I may take a few steps forward and make some progress, only to find that I am at the beginning again.  Frustrated to say the least, I have reached out to Dee to get clues as the solutions to his puzzles are not included. Dee has given hints when asked, but he does not give up the secrets of his puzzles easily.

The Blinded II puzzle is extremely well crafted and I was pleased with the size being 5 x 3.5 x 3 inches which fit nicely in the hand, allowing easy manipulation of the steps.  Not for the faint of heart, this puzzle is challenging and if you are looking for a easily solved trick puzzle box, this may not be a good choice.

The Blinded II box was a very limited release with only 55 offered for sale.


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