"Angry Walter" Puzzle Box by DEDwood crafts

"Angry Walter" Puzzle Box by DEDwood crafts

Last week, we were lucky to snap up the Angry Walter puzzle box crafted by Dee Dixon of DEDwood Crafts.  Because the puzzle was described as a sequential opening piece and we are familiar with Dee’s other works, we did not give it a second thought about trying to acquire one for our collection.

Initially seeing pictures of the puzzle on social media platforms, we loved the look of the box.  With gears that spin and eyes, knob and odd looking mouth, Angry Walter…well…looked very ANGRY! Also reading the fantastic back story of Walter by Dee and contributor “fivesinatras” just made the purchase much easier for us.

When the box arrived, we noticed the puzzle was very well crafted and an ideal size to showcase. It is a heavily constructed puzzle and received instructions not to force, pry, strike or hit it as such actions were not needed.  Looking again at Walter, the thought of any type of abuse would just make him that much more angry and not help in locating the well-hidden power cell to protect all of humanity.  “Angry Walter” contains a number of tools for solving and I cannot give anything away here.

This puzzle is really a must have for collectors seeking sequential discovery puzzles and has been ranked a difficulty of 10 by the very popular YouTube presenter Chris Ramsay. If it is re-released our sold on any platforms, we highly suggest this latest creation. Maybe YOU can diffuse Walter’s angry attitude or at the least …diffuse his ability to go on a rampage by removing that darn power cell!



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