Puzzle Box

This month we purchased several Cube KW (Izumiya Special) PZ Puzzle Boxes. In the closed position, they appear to be similar to the Karakuri Cube Boxes released several years ago. The Cube KW PZ boxes however are more complex and quite a bit larger measuring approximately 3.15 x 3.15 x 3.15 inches. On first inspection, […]


The Bean Bag Drawer Puzzle Box was crafted as a 2013 Christmas present by Hiroshi Iwahara  and was allotted to members upon request.  When it arrived, I was quite excited as Mr. Iwahara never seems to disappoint!  On first glance, it reminded me very much of the “Another Binary Drawer” puzzle released in March 2013.  […]

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The Triskele Puzzle Box was released some time ago by Hideaki Kawashima.  While I absolutely LOVE the Three-Cornered Deadlock, Rose and Regular Octahedron Secret boxes he crafted earlier, I was getting a tiny bit bored with any puzzle in a cubic form.  For that reason, I unfortunately passed on early editions but when the Special […]


2012 Karakuri Christmas Gifts have ARRIVED!

by Mike on January 3, 2013

Over the Holidays, I received my allotment of Christmas gifts from Karakuri and have only recently had a chance to examine them.  I have held off on publishing any pictures until after Christmas for those of you that may have been getting them as presents and did not want to spoil any surprise.  Below you […]