Akio Kamei

The Box with a Ribbon III Puzzle by Akio Kamei was crafted and released as a 2015 Karakuri  Christmas gift.  While smaller than its predecessors, (measuring 80 x 80 x 52 mm.), the box is very nicely crafted in Cherry, Walnut and Purple Heart.  The colors beautifully contrast and complement the bow and sides of […]


A short time ago, I was able to purchase the Unfasten Japanese Puzzle Box, produced by Akio Kamei and designed by Makoto Okado. This unusual piece was entered into the 6th Annual Karakuri Puzzle Idea Contest and was available for sale on a lottery basis only. When it arrived, I quickly examined the exterior of […]


Not long ago, we received our first shipment of Letter Boxes created by Akio Kamei.  A little larger box than we normally stock, we were immediately attracted to the puzzle’s beautiful bow affixed to the lid.  The Walnut and Karin wood colors contrast nicely and it seemed to be very well constructed. The exterior measures […]


The Expansion VI Puzzle by Akio Kamei !

by Mike on February 20, 2014

This week our store received a number of Expansion VI Japanese Puzzle Boxes crafted by Akio Kamei .  Owning prior versions of this puzzle, I was somewhat familiar with the movement.  The video below displays the initial opening sequence and showcases how the puzzle seems to expand as one proceeds to unveil the hidden space.  […]

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