The Twin Box 4 Puzzle by Hideaki Kawashima is amazing!

by Mike on April 9, 2017

I recently purchased the Twin 4 Puzzle Box crafted by Hideaki Kawashima and I was pleasantly surprised. Crafted as a 2016 Karakuri Christmas present, this particular trick box like other gifts was a limited release. Constructed of Magnolia, Keyaki and Walnut, the contrasting color combination is very attractive, not unlike many of Kawashima puzzles. Hideaki takes great thought in crafting pieces with unique opening mechanisms and all releases I have seen have a superior finish.

Though the Twin box 3 and 4 look similar in design, the movement differs. Without giving away anything, I will say that more steps are required to open the Twin 4 box and some rotational sequences are involved. An additional bonus is that this puzzle conceals THREE secret spaces.

This puzzle did take me some time to solve. After unveiling the hidden compartment, I believed the secret to the box was completely unveiled. Not until reading another blog did I discover that there was much more to this puzzle than I had initially uncovered.

I highly recommend this puzzle if it is available for purchase again. The question now is, will there be a Twin Box 5?

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Barbara Miller April 11, 2017 at 7:36 am

We have a puzzle box and have enjoyed it. However, our grandson “forced” the top on the wrong direction. Is there some way to remove it now? I have worked with it and can’t seem to find the way to fix it.


Mike April 11, 2017 at 3:44 pm

Hi Barbara,
If you can send a picture to us, we may be able to help.
I would also contact the Karakuri group as they can contact the crafter (Mr. Kawashima) for assistance.


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