Secret Base 2 Puzzle Box by Hiroshi Iwahara

by Mike on January 29, 2012

The 2011 Secret Base Box 2 by Hiroshi Iwahara, was a remake of the VERY popular Secret Base Box released to Karakuri members in 2007. Having owned a number of variations of the original puzzle, we were very excited to see that Hiroshi decided to create an adaption of this wonderful puzzle.

The Secret Base Box 2 measures an approximate 3.54 x 3.54 x 2.95 inches (slightly larger than the first series) and by first appearance, looks strikingly similar.  I very much like the inlay on the top 4 squares with the majority of the puzzle crafted in Oak, Walnut, Birch and Bubinga.  Without spoiling the mystery of this puzzle, let me just say that I was able to find the first steps quite easily but took me a short time to find the ultimate solution.  It is a bit more complex than the original format but for those of you familiar with Secret Base boxes, the movement is similar but may take a few more minutes to solve for most.

 A small disappointment is that the original Secret Base Box had two secret spaces where, but as Iwahara points out in his description of the Secret Base 2 puzzle; there is only one hidden compartment in the new version.  Still it is a very entertaining box and a nice collectible.  Quite heavily constructed, puzzle solvers should take care in performing movements over a forgiving surface, as it is a heavy piece and dropping it will most likely cause some cosmetic damage.

The Secret Base Box 2 is also one of puzzle that I caution people to use rubber or latex gloves if available.  The close proximately of a series of tight fitting moves lends the puzzle to having it scratch easily, even if extreme care is given.  As all of Iwahara’s puzzles, this box is stamped with his hanko inside and distributed in his familiar gift box.

This Puzzle unfortunately is not for sale at this time, but we will have a couple for sale soon, so please visit our Trick Box Page often. 

Other popular creations by Hiroshi Iwahara are the 324 Step Super Cubi, the Acorn box, the Pineapple Box and Box with a Tree to name a few.

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