CUBE KW (Izumiya Special) PZ Japanese Puzzle Boxes have arrived!

by Mike on May 13, 2015

This month we purchased several Cube KW (Izumiya Special) PZ Puzzle Boxes. In the closed position, they appear to be similar to the Karakuri Cube Boxes released several years ago. The Cube KW PZ boxes however are more complex and quite a bit larger measuring approximately 3.15 x 3.15 x 3.15 inches.

Cube KW
On first inspection, I assumed that the movements would be somewhat similar to the Cube Boxes in that the boxed pieces would somehow separate. I pushed and pulled a bit on each section and began to make some progress. After referring to the pictures of the box in the fully open position, I could see how the cube must be orientated. The first two steps were fairly easy but I was a bit stuck for a few minutes on the final sequences. After a short time I was able to completely solve the puzzle.

The instructional card is a bit deceiving as it displays only 4 movements; however each step requires another mirrored step.
When fully opened, I was excited to see that there are two individual secret drawer- like spaces. As many collectors know, most puzzles only have one secret space so having a second was quite refreshing.
Made of Purple Heart and Zelkova, the puzzle is heavily constructed with a very nice finish. This box is stamped and comes in a very nice gift box and instructional diagram.

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