A NEW version of the Box with a Ribbon by Akio Kamei!

by Mike on February 18, 2016

The Box with a Ribbon III Puzzle by Akio Kamei was crafted and released as a 2015 Karakuri  Christmas gift.  While smaller than its predecessors, (measuring 80 x 80 x 52 mm.), the box is very nicely crafted in Cherry, Walnut and Purple Heart.  The colors beautifully contrast and complement the bow and sides of the puzzle and Kamei’s hanko is proudly stamped on the bottom corner.

Box with a Ribbon III Puzzle by Akio Kamei

When first inspecting the box, I quickly made sure that it was not just a smaller version of the original Box with a Ribbon.  By the bow not spinning, I assumed it would be more complex.  Pushing and pulling on the ribbon and panels, movements were fairly easily detected.  While this one only took me less than 10-15 minutes to solve, I was happy with it in comparison to some other works offered, however, this is not one of his more complex boxes.


Please note that this video is a little bit of a spoiler as we do show one or two steps.  Now I am just waiting for the Box with a Ribbon IV. Other works by Kamei available for sale at the time of this posting are the Egg, Expansion VI, Love Box 4, Cassiopeia 3, Money Bank, Bad Radio 2, Rotary Box II, New Parcel Cube, Crane, Tortuous Box, Ouch and Brush the Tooth Box.

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