Puzzle Box Buying Tips

The XY Puzzle Box by Hideaki Kawashima is, in one word, AMAZING!  This Trick Box is both visually appealing and VERY complex to open. Opening the gift box, I was extremely impressed with the appearance of the XY Puzzle. With beautiful Walnut, Magnolia, and Maple woods, each slat forms an attractive interwoven pattern.  Alternating tongue […]


What is a Match Line?

by Mike on March 8, 2011

Ask yourself what really makes a Puzzle Box unique and fascinating. My opinion is the ability to keep precious or valuable items SECRET or HIDDEN. This seems quite obvious, but one of the most important challenges for crafters is the ability to keep joints, slides or keys undetectable to the eye. This task can be […]


Mame Japanese Puzzle Box Tips

by Mike on March 5, 2011

When considering the purchase of a Japanese Puzzle Box, most collectors place emphasis on the exterior dimensions of the puzzle as well as the space of the interior secret compartment. The Japanese term “Sun” as many already know, is referred to when listing the size of the secret box as explained here, however many buyers […]