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We are Mary and Michael Vodovoz, the owners and editors of www.PuzzleBoxWorld.Com/Blog. We are avid fans of Puzzle Boxes, Puzzles and other Brain Teasers and started our hobby collecting quite a long time ago. A very enjoyable aspect for us regarding Puzzles and Puzzle Boxes are that they are crafted  in some many unique shapes, design and movements. Over the past few years we have primarily focused on Japanese puzzles as we find them so finely crafted but also LOVE puzzles by artisans from the Czech Republic, Costa Rica and here in the United States. From time to time we will be also sharing pieces from other countries that we find interesting.

Amazing to us is that many people have never even heard of a Puzzle Box.  When described to them by looks or function, they say something like “Oh..yeah..I think my friend had one when I was a kid” or “I found one in my grandfather’s trunk in the attic and didn’t know what it was.”  For those not familiar with secret boxes, watching a friend or family member’s eyes light up when you unveil such a collectible piece always bring us joy.  My favorite response is when a friend rotates the puzzle box in their hands with apprehension and state something like, “This thing doesn’t really open does it?”  For us, sharing these treasures with those dear to us are the best part of collecting.

In hoping to bring awareness to others regarding this wonderful craft on more of a global scale, we thought that a blog would be a fantastic way to communicate with other enthusiasts.  By no means do we believe that we know all there is about this unique craft, but we hope you feel free to comment on our posts so that we can all learn together!


Mary and Michael Vodovoz

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