“The Traditional” Puzzle Box by Stickman !

by Mike on October 16, 2017

This week we were very fortunate to receive a #32 Stickman “The Traditional” Puzzle Box.  We have a number of other Puzzles by Rob Yarger (Stickman) in our collection, so when the opportunity arose, we went all in without any doubt.  We were NOT disappointed! We have always had an affinity for Japanese style puzzles and a love for Stickman’s works, so it seemed to be a very nice combination for us.

First opening the parcel, I remembered that “The Traditional” puzzle was quite large in relation to most Japanese Style boxes, measuring six inches in length and four inches in width.  I immediately noticed that the slides, (slats) were notched which was interesting to say the least.  It looked to be more difficult to solve than I had imagined.  Pushing gently on a slide or two and the lid, I noticed the movements to be extremely smooth.

The top and bottom have beautiful Kikkou inlays combined with an attractively grained Leopardwood.  Brown Asa style patterned inlays adorn the sides and end panels.  The Yosegi side inlays were crafted by Richard Jenkins whom is a talented Stickman apprentice and has assisted and collaborated with other works.

Without giving anything away, I will say that this puzzle is MUCH more complex than a standard Japanese-style puzzle. Surprisingly, more sections of the puzzle require manipulation than it would first appear.   A minimum of 47 steps are needed to open all FOUR secret spaces.  A 12-page instructional booklet was included with each puzzle.  Like the majority of Stickman Puzzles, it was limited with only 38 pieces were crafted!

I am sorry to say that this puzzle is not for sale at this time.  We do have the #13 Chopsticks Puzzle by Stickman available on our Limited-Edition Page.

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